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About us

What is The Call and Beyond

Police Officer

The Call and Beyond is a multi vendor e-commerce platform that was founded by a small group of first responders with a passion for entrepreneurship. At The Call and Beyond, we are working around the clock to develop a platform that is cutting edge, yet simple to use and jam packed with plenty of buyer and seller features that will elevate your shopping experience. 


Our story

In 2022 one of our founding members was running a woodworking business from home while serving full time as a police officer in his community. The idea came to him to create a space for fellow first responders and frontline workers to come together online and have a centralized place to share and sell their handmade goods, while continuing to support others on the front lines.


Fast forward to Summer 2023 when he and his Business partner took the leap and followed their dreams to bring The Call and Beyond to life!

Our Vision

The Call and Beyond is the # 1 marketplace for frontline workers across the world. We are growing daily with buyers and sellers and our vision is to continue with growth each day so that we are able to provide you with a centralized hub for all things related to frontline workers. 

Our dedication to the community in who we serve each day as frontline workers ourselves is a testament to how you will be cared for on our platform despite the inevitable growth that we foresee at The Call and Beyond. 

5 Star Review Frontline Worker
What's coming

The Call and Beyond will soon be more than just a multi vendor e-commerce platform. It will be a centralized hub for all things frontline workers with four additional expansions that haven't ever been seen before.

For information on how you may be able to help our business, please feel free to reach out to our sales and marketing team at

Our Future



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